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Movement Therapy Methods. PsychoPhysical Evaluation Frameworks. Expressive and Creative Arts Therapies.

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BodyOriented Psychotherapies. EmotionalKinesthetic Psychotherapy. Hakomi Integrative Somatics. Medical Orgone Therapy. Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor. Somatic Practices. Rubenfeld Synergy Method. Box pain patients person physical physician practice practitioners problems psychological psychotherapy qigong reiki relaxation release Resources session shamanic shiatsu Somatic spiritual stress teacher teaching techniques tension theory therapeutic therapist tion tissue touch traditional treatment yoga York.

Voyles , Linda Voyles R.

Color-Coded Strange Flows Chart. New York: ken blood vessels, or extensive bruis- Japan Publication, Certain points are forbidden during pregnancy. Of course, clients ——. Fundamentals of Self-Acupressure. The Joy of Feeling: Bodymind Acupressure. New York: Japan Publication, The American Oriental Bodywork Therapy tioner. Write for a free newsletter, which Murai, the second son born into a family includes a list of books, charts, and audio and video tapes available as well as a description of the Faced with a States and western Europe.

Jiro healed himselfthrough the application of hand mudras Safety-Energy Locksand through breathing exercises. Jin Shin Jyutsu employs twenty-six safety- Upon his healing, Master Murai energy locks throughout the body. Thesevowed to dedicate his life to the study are found along the various pathwaysand development of the art he eventual- through which the universal energy trav-ly named Jin Shin Jyutsu, which trans- els.


For many rea- sons—hereditary, character, stress, acci- In the late s, Jiro met Mary dents, tension of daily lifestyle, etc. These show where attention is required. There is noearly s that Mary was approached massage or manipulation. Practitionersby the doctor of a neighbor she had only wait to feel the rhythmic pulsationbeen helping. Having noted positive in the safety-energy lock to know thatchange in the neighbor, this doctor area is in harmony with the universalwanted to learn more about what had energy.

Upon completionstudent. The number of locationsexpands each year as interest grows. The class includes lecture, material, and a good deal of hands-on experience. It isbroken down into two parts. Part I is the first three days and covers the safety-energylocks. Anyone is welcome to attend, and there is no prerequisite. Symptoms will session will continue for eight hours, as disappear over time or, in some cases, the circulation pattern is completed. These sequences can be applied by a —Ian Kraut practitioner to another person, or by an individual utilizing them for self-help.

San Alberto feel relaxed and peaceful. Offers information on seminars, books and mate- Jin Shin Jyutsu is an art, not merely a rials, and practitioner referrals. A technique is a mechanical application whereas an art is a skillful Further Reading: creation. This art is supported strongly by its underlying philosophy, which Burmeister, Alice. New York: Bantam Books, By maintaining this, we remain in harmony—happy and healthy.

The recipient lies face-up on a body, allowing him or her to develop table or any available comfortable sur- more balance, strength, and clarity to face. At this point, systems.

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The practitioner often provides PA grew out of Dr. The recipi- tions, and soul simultaneously. It also uses skills developed from Raheem to test and chakras are an ancient Hindu system ofdevelop her theoretical framework into a energy vortices along the central mid-hands-on application. PA premiered in line of the body. Both of these systemsZurich, Switzerland, in Since then it are directly connected and intermin-has been continuously taught there and in gled, with the meridians feeding energythe United States and England to body- into and out of the chakras.

By allowing personal history to sur- According to PA, energy offers the face from the body during bodywork, PAmost natural access to the whole per- is able to process directly the most rele-son because it integrates the body, vant psychological material for the per-mind, emotions, and soul. For example, if The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Body-Mind Disciplines memories or traumas from the past arise experience, and examination.

Process Acupressure I. In a typical Inc. PA session the client lies on a massage table, fully clothed, and relaxes deeply ——. Phys- Institute, Inc.

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More commonly, several sessions are required to resolve a condi- ——. Soul Return: Integrating Body, Psyche and tion and prevent recurrence. In shiatsu, practitioners from injuries. PA should not be used to treat severe Primarily, shiatsu is recommended as a medical problems and does not sup- preventative technique, that is, to be plant medical care. It should not be practiced even when you are healthy in used for psychotics or people during order to maintain good health. It is also severe psychotic episodes because it practiced for the relief of pain, to improve uncovers and releases unconscious mental functioning, and to relieve a vari- material that may be overwhelming for ety of ailments, including chronic stress, a person in a weakened ego state.

Shiatsucuring disease and improving health has channels of energy in order to balance aancient origins in China. By balancing and forti-China from — BCE. Although the fying vital life energy, the shiatsu thera-principles of traditional Chinese medi- pist can help a client maintain andcine were not written down until some improve his or her health. Shiatsu istime between BCE and CE, people thought to help prevent the onset of ill-believe that the practices had been ness. If illness or disease has already setpassed from generation to generation in, shiatsu is used to encourage thefor thousands of years before that.

The various practices of traditional Experiencing Shiatsu MassageChinese medicine spread throughoutAsia, making their way to Japan in about Shiatsu emphasizes the physical manipu to CE. In Japan, massage became lation of the body. It aims to work withknown as amma, which literally means both the physical body and the energy thatrubdown.

By the early s amma was surrounds and interpenetrates it. As thestill being practiced in Japan but had number of practitioners grows, the varietyearned a reputation as folk medicine and of styles of shiatsu also grows. A shiatsubecame associated more with pleasure, session may be a vigorous massage or itrelaxation, and sensuality than with medi- may employ only gentle touch, dependingcine. As a result, some practitioners who on the practitioner.

Onemassage began calling their practice shiat- should seek a shiatsu therapist that bestsu. These practitioners worked to raise meets his or her own personal needs. Today shiatsu is one of the most gentle and less invasive than the tradition-popular forms of massage in Japan. Ohashi probablyThis means that the body and mind are did more than any other person to intro-viewed as connected to each other, as duce and popularize shiatsu in the West.

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Body-mind Disciplines

The practitioner kneels andShiatsu therapy is widely available, so anyone interested in experiencing this rejuvenat-ing form of treatment should have no trouble finding an experienced practitioner. Manyspas, health clubs, and resorts offer shiatsu as one of their treatments. As the training ofpractitioners can vary widely, you should check the educational background and expe-rience of any practitioner you are considering visiting.

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Body-Mind Disciplines crawls around the person he or she is mas- anyone. However, there are some saging. Because there are different instances in which it should be avoided, or approaches to shiatsu, however, some caution should be exercised in its use.

You practitioners have receivers disrobe to should not receive shiatsu if you have can- their level of comfort and lie on a padded cer. A from brittle bones or are on cortisone typical shiatsu session lasts from a half treatment, which weakens the bones. Shi- hour to an hour and a half. If you have receiver.

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  5. They may also act as a doctor before treatment. For instance, a shiatsu therapist might recommend a more nutri- Resources: tional diet, getting more exercise, or other helpful suggestions regarding lifestyle. They may also feel calm White Horse Road and peaceful, lighter in spirit, and phys- Vorhees, NJ ical aches and pains may diminish.


    Shi- Tel: atsu is considered by many to be a Fax: wonderful healing practice for individu- The AOBTA is a professional organization that rep- als seeking physical relief of muscle resents practitioners of a number of different styles aches and soft tissue pains. It is also a of Asian bodywork, including shiatsu. The Ohashi Institute P. Box Shiatsu can be an important part of an Wallace Rd. By Kinderhook, NY taking time to be more aware of our bod- Tel: ies, we may be able to spot physical and Fax: emotional problems before they have a The Ohashi Institute has twelve locations in the chance to make us sick.