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Is there a good reference with color pics I can use to identify the flies that are in my boxes?

After years of use, they are "unorganized" and Id like to get them sorted out again. Send PM. Re: Fly ID encyclopedia? I can think of the book Fish Flies by Terry Hellekson, but it ain't cheap if you don't get it on closeout. Maybe put out some effort and find his own fish just for the fun of it? I also recommend the free catalogs offered from many fly shops. Get on their mailing list, and you'll get a new one every year.

Bind them and you'll have a history. This came up here a while ago, and most responders recall The Fly Shop, Redding Cal catalog as a source of inspiration when they sit down to tie. My edition has 30 pages of flies. On this particular planet, no man is granted a greater privilege than to be present and to assist in the realization of this moment". Bill Heavey. Join Date Jul Location quiet corner, ct Posts 9, The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements.

Thanks a bunch guys! Im going to look into those! Ard liked this post. Fly Fishing. Outdoor Life. Still one of the best.

I first read this one in , and it got me started. Hard Cover. Fly Fishing Alaska. Route, Anthony J. Johnson Publishing Co.


Another instructional guide to fly fishing Alaska. Lots of black and white photography. Fly Fishing Always. Woverton, Mike and Barbara editors. If you need to go somewhere and want to travel light, take this one with you. Also, some entertaining old advertisements. Fly Fishing the Blackfeet Country. Fairchild, Robert F. Well used guide. Maps, gear, patterns, all interspersed with Blackfeet Indian lore.

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Probasco, Steve. Autographed copy. Nicely illustrated manual on the subject. Simple, straight forward instructional style, with lots of photos of eastern Washington lakes.

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Tirana, Turhan. Kensington Books. Reflections, memories and anecdotes in essay form. This one is different. Recommended by such as Lefty Kreh and Jimmy Carter. Fly Fishing the Madison. Lyons Press. A concise guide, just as the title describes. Broken down by methods and seasons, with a few recipes at the end. Nice black and white photography of landscapes and fishermen.

Badovinac, Trapper. In the more modern style, this fine guide has many wonderful color photos of the Missouri itself, with very few fishing photos. Those of you who fish it and lead our outings on it are sure to see familiar places in these pictures. Good, comprehensive guide with references to lodges, restaurants, and everything else one needs to fish the Missouri. Donated by Bob? Fly Fishing for Pacific Salmon.

Considered a ground breaker when it was released — has it really been 26 years? The authors pioneered salt water fly fishing for salmon and developed methods and flies for that purpose. Very comprehensive, including tables of fly shops and Fish and Wildlife agencies. Wonderful photographic accompaniment. Your preparations for salt water salmon fly fishing start with this read!

Hosman, Todd. A concise little guide on the subject. Enough simple ink drawings to both instruct and whet the appetite. Also includes guidance to some of the lakes and streams in the park.

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Fly Fishing in Salt Water. Crown Publications, Inc. Dedicated, autographed copy. Fly Fishing Strategies for Still Waters. Chan, Brian.

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Dedicated to Alton Stier by the author 1 copy. No publisher listed. Donated by Frank Doherty and Alton Stier. Pocket-sized guide to the topic. Simple, easy to carry, basic guide to still water insects, basic patterns, knots, etc. Very concise, precise, easy to follow instructions. In my view, the best of all such guides.